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Medicare Gets Serious About Value-based Payments: How MACRA Will Change Care Delivery

New payment system incentivizes a team approach to improving chronic disease outcomes For those who view the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) as an administrative and reporting distraction, it’s time to take a second look. It is the most profound change in the physician payment model since 1965, the year Medicare was enacted. […]

What Companies Need to Do Next to Protect Patient Data

Around 200,000 systems have been hit by the malware WannaCry, resulting in doctors being blocked from gaining access to patient files and forcing emergency rooms to send people away. Despite Microsoft sending out a patch for the vulnerability a few months ago, those unpatched Windows XP and Server 2003 systems were the culprit of the […]

What’s Driving Healthcare IT in Canada

As patients become more active in managing their own healthcare, their expectations around the digital information and services delivered by providers and payer organizations continue to grow. We spoke with Neil Currie, a Vancouver-based senior consultant and delivery lead for NTT Data Services, about how these expectations affect healthcare IT investments in Canada. How have […]

The 4 Biggest Healthcare IT Headaches

Experts in healthcare IT and compliance discuss the top challenges for hospitals and healthcare facilities and what CIOs can do to address them. To avoid violating regulations, which could result in tens of thousands of dollars (or more) of fines and negative publicity, healthcare providers must ensure that their facilities are in compliance and be […]

How unlikely collaborations are changing the future of healthcare

In the healthcare sector’s pursuit of improved medical outcomes at lower costs, the only stakeholder yet to get fully involved is the patient. That’s changing now, and unlikely collaborations are emerging to serve the involved patient.  Read the full article on CIO.com.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hospital: Hilton Digital Experience

The hospitality industry has used digital tools giving guests a greater sense of autonomy, more personal choices and to reduce the “friction” inherent in travel and shopping. This session explores the question: How can healthcare use digital tools and the lessons from the hotel and retail industries to increase patients’ sense of control and personalize […]

Human error biggest risk to health IT

Military health official warns that cyber hygiene falls short in health IT. Healthcare data breaches have hit more than nine out of 10 organizations in the field.  Read the full article on CIO.com.

Unlocking the value in patient-generated health data

Harnessing data from a multitude of sources to develop a comprehensive view of patients to drive health outcomes could be coming of age. Here’s how one health system is approaching it.  Read the full article on CIO.com.

Using Virtual Agents to Create High-Touch Customer Service for Health Plans

There will always be a need for premium live operator customer service, however the future of the contact center lies largely in eliminating the traditional contact center. While customer self-service rates have been abysmally low in healthcare, recent advancements in intelligent assistants and robotic automation are beginning to show great promise for healthcare customer service. […]

Leveraging Technology to Provide Value-Based Care

Access to data, and the systems to connect and optimize that data, are essential. Although healthcare reform legislation has created new regulations for patient care, implementing IT solutions can help providers change their business strategy to accommodate these mandates. Technology for healthcare can also increase productivity, eliminate inefficiencies, and streamline operations. “Healthcare providers should leverage […]