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Your Customers are Experiencing Friction – Now What?

Customers demand a superior experience — the kind that makes their lives simpler. This white paper will help you be able to identify and mitigate high-friction areas in your business model so you can become a customer-centric enterprise.

Ensuring Patient Records Can be Accessed

Comanche County Medical Center uses a secure, private cloud to ensure patient records are always available.    

Keeping the Community Well-Informed

Spectrum Health stays engaged moment-by-moment with digital marketing services.    

Saving Lives with Data Analytics

Intermountain Healthcare is saving lives with technologies like big data.

Reduce Friction to Delight Your Customers

A friction assessment can identify how to improve customer retention and satisfaction. Learn more.

Identify rising-risk patients

Baystate Health is an integrated health system in Massachusetts. As both provider and health plan, the organization is tightly focused on improving chronic care outcomes to improve their patients’ quality of life and reduce costs.

Simplify IT management and drive down the cost of operations with cloud solutions

Secure healthcare cloud by NTT DATA gives you access to industry leading security to reduce the burden of meeting regulatory requirements, and get the flexibility you need to adapt to the future. Our cloud delivers services to more than 130 hospitals, 750 ambulatory facilities and over 1,200 imaging sites. We also securely store millions of […]

Engage with consumers to increase membership and improve satisfaction

Consumer Engagement Solutions by NTT DATA provide a full range of transformational technology and processes to help you design and build effective consumer-centric channels that will help grow and retain membership, manage costs and improve the member experience.

Unify your clinical data and imaging for a more complete patient-based view

The Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) by NTT DATA offers intelligent, scalable and affordable storage and facilitates clinical collaboration. Address the need for more storage capacity, as well as increased demands for accessing, sharing and protecting images.

The Internet of Medical Things: Monitoring and Improving Performance

New initiatives use remote biometric monitoring to provide data with actionable insight. Learn more.